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          Yantai Tongshang International TradeLimited company is located in the beautiful coastal city - Yantai.


          Since its establishment, the company is committed to the introduction, sales and service of raw and auxiliary products and technologies of beer, wine and fruit juice. As a scientific and technological company with profound professional background, we follow the "technical service guide product sales" and provide professional and meticulous technical services for customers. Many years of business reputation, so that we have established a solid partnership with the international top brand enterprises. In terms of beer, we are the Agent of Crosby Hops in China and Stabifix Silica gel company in China (with more than 30% global market share). We are the representative of Laffort from France and AB from Germany for wine and fruit juice. Our long-term cooperation with these international professional companies has enabled us to learn advanced technology and experience to provide better service to our customers.

          Perfect service and high quality products connect us closely with customers: China Resources Beer Group, Tsingtao Beer Group, Yanjing Beer Group, Changyu Wine Company, CofCO Great Wall Wine Company, Huiyuan Juice Company, Zhonglu Juice Company, Andeli Juice Company... Long-term and stable cooperation with these companies is a standard endorsement of our company's business reputation.

          In 2008, the company started the import wine business by taking advantage of its unique resources. At present, the company has the agency of three wineries in France, and has a solid and good cooperative relationship with the French Federation of Bordeaux Wine industry (CIVB), aiming to provide consumers with authentic imported wine.

          Craft beer group company established in 2012, professional customer service in domestic craft beer, as of July 2018, has been with the national more than 500 craft brewers established cooperative relations, relying on excellent product quality and perfect service, has the very high popularity in the industry, become the main suppliers of hops in our country.

          In order to master the process parameters and quality evaluation of hop and other raw materials and explore first-hand data, our company established the craft beer production department in 2015, and established the physical and chemical analysis laboratory and sensory evaluation laboratory to produce Lioncat craft beer with the company's hop, yeast and malt varieties. To find out the excellent application formula and application conditions suitable for Chinese craft beer, and provide detailed and reliable product application information to customers, aiming to make our customers' satisfaction reach 100%.

          We solemnly promise that the company introduced cooperation is the world's high quality, can stand the test of time quality products.


          Technical services guide product sales

          • Perfect Service

          • high quality products

          • Unique resources