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          Yantai Tongshang International takes you to understand wine knowledge

          Release time:2021-12-17 15:04    Views

          When you face a dazzling array of wine, a row and a row quietly lying on the shelf, but at a loss what to do, so, Yantai trade international will take you to understand the knowledge of wine!


          1, raw materials and accessories: grape juice, sulfur dioxide

          Generally speaking, wine labels will appear grape juice, sulfur dioxide. Grape juice is in wine, but why sulfur dioxide? Sulfur dioxide mainly plays the role of sterilization, but it can also clarify grape juice, increase the solubility of the non-volatile acid extract of grape mash, and increase acid, prevent tannin oxidation and improve taste. Sulfur dioxide is permitted for the disinfection of wine-making utensils and for the sterilization of grape juice and wine.

          In addition to sulfur dioxide, some wine additives have added fermentable sugars and acidity regulators, the purpose is to facilitate wine fermentation and improve taste.

          2. Grape varieties

          Grape varieties used in wine are cabernet Sauvignon, snake pearl, Riesling, French blue, pinot Noir and many other varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most famous red wines in the world. So there are many wines on the market with the word "Cabernet Sauvignon" on the label. The grapes from which the wine is made don't taste very good.

          3. Product type: dry red

          According to the classification of the sugar content in wine, it can be divided into dry wine, semi-dry wine, semi-sweet wine and sweet wine. Yeast uses the sugars in grape juice to ferment into alcohol, but the degree of fermentation varies, resulting in different amounts of residual sugar in wine. Dry wine, residual sugar ≤0.3%; Semi-dry wine, 0.4%-1.2% residual sugar; Semi-sweet wine, residual sugar 1.2%-5.0%; Sweet wine, sugar content > 5.0%.

          4. Alcohol level

          Under normal circumstances, the alcohol level of wine is in the tens of degrees, not as high as baijiu. When grapes are harvested with a fixed sugar content and no artificial fermentable sugars, the alcohol content is high and the residual sugar content is low.

          5. Grape picking year and filling date

          Grapes ripen in the fall, are picked, sorted, crushed, and then go to the winemaking stage. In the process of aging, a series of physical, chemical and biological changes will take place. The fruit flavor of the product is maintained, the wine body is mellow, and the stability of the wine is also improved. But wines age for a long time or a short time, so there is no rule of time between the filling date and the picking date. The above information is provided by Yantai Tongshang International Trade Co., LTD.