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          Yantai wine accessories: wines intimate companion

          Release time:2022-02-15 09:16    Views

          Yantai wine accessories in the domestic use and rise for nearly 30 years of time, it is because of wine accessories technology involved in fermentation engineering, genetic engineering and genetic engineering, such as the multi-discipline, high requirement of science and technology, compared with foreign advanced technology, domestic in regard to the development of liquor-making materials is still in its infancy, in the use of complementary makings also usually rely on foreign products. Reviewing the development of wine industry over the past 30 years, the continuous introduction of various foreign advanced auxiliary products has effectively improved the production capacity of high-quality wine in China.


          Current situation of the development of

          Wine excipients usually refer to saccharin cerevisiae, pectinase, clarifying agent, aging agent, alcohol fermentation yeast nutrient, filter agent, stabilizer and so on. In the selection of wine excipients, not all grape varieties, any region can choose the same product, there are many fine distinctions between them. Different types of wine accessories will bring different quality requirements for wine, different grape varieties of raw materials should choose different types of accessories. For example, there is a significant difference in the selection of yeast in the wine making process. It should not only have the ability to start quickly, but also be suitable for the temperature and nutritional requirements of wine making. After the end of alcohol fermentation, the regional characteristics and variety characteristics of raw materials can be retained. Some auxiliary materials can increase the complexity of aroma, flavor and taste of wine, which is very suitable for the production of aging type and the pursuit of complex wine body products, but for some wine that pursues simple taste, it is unnecessary to rely too much on the use of auxiliary materials.

          At present, most of the wine accessories used by the domestic enterprises are imported products, and the world-famous wine accessories manufacturers, such as LAFFORT and LALLEMAND group, have agents in China for their products. They rely on mature technology and professional technical personnel in China to develop well, they entered the Chinese market earlier, to improve the quality of domestic wine is obvious to all, and further shorten the technical differences between domestic wine and international wine. These accessories production enterprises have a hundred years of history, not only can provide customers with excellent products, but also have a perfect, professional service system. We have an independent wine laboratory and a research team composed of wine making experts and chemical and biological experts, which can provide scientific and reasonable solutions to customers' difficult problems and constantly develop new products adapted to the market according to customers' needs. At the same time, these enterprises also keep close contact with the world famous scientific research institutions, and actively participate in the new subject research on the application of wine raw materials. Their demand for different varieties and origin of strict segmentation, products up to more than 100, can provide more detailed services for different positioning products. In this respect, homebred auxiliary material is far short of such requirement, lack corresponding research and development ability and experience, also do not have professional technical personnel on the use of auxiliary material to use the product to answer and track, the choice space of the product is narrower also, can produce a certain kind of product only, the product is oner.

          There is a problem

          With the development of wine industry, the use of domestic wine accessories has been basically consistent with foreign countries, but according to the introduction of agents engaged in wine accessories distribution for many years, domestic enterprises in the choice of products there are many misunderstandings, mainly in the following aspects:

          Choose a single many enterprises in the selection of wine accessories, like "from one end to the end", no matter what grape varieties, no matter what type of wine production, no matter how the quality of raw materials, will choose the same type of accessories, in the end. For example, the selection of yeast, choose a kind of yeast is often used in the brewing of dry red wine, but also used in the brewing of dry white wine; Used as a supplement for cabernet sauvignon, but also for other dry red varieties. What does not know, in foreign countries, light fermentation of the use of auxiliary materials as many as ten kinds, according to different product positioning, choose different auxiliary materials, can ensure the quality of wine, can give wine different style.

          Blindly follow China's vast territory, there are great differences between the production areas, some wineries in the selection of Yantai wine accessories, often like to keep up with big enterprises, to see what others use what brand, what type of products, that they also want to choose what, ignoring the differences in the geographical location of varieties. Different production areas, raw materials have different characteristics, the same variety in different places will have different performance, some places are high acid, some places are not enough sugar, some places are not enough color, etc., the situation is different, which needs to choose different accessories according to different regions, to make up for the shortage of raw materials. At the same time, the characteristics of local raw materials, which is the biggest goal of the use of auxiliary materials, to listen to the advice of technical personnel of auxiliary materials production enterprises, to give their products a clear positioning, in order to correctly choose the right products.

          Conservative thinking compared with foreign countries, domestic wine technical personnel, do not want to accept new auxiliary products, especially the mature process, do not want to change the original brewing process and process because of the emergence of a new brewing auxiliary materials. There are two reasons: first, the products of domestic enterprises generally follow the market, and winemakers are often passive in product positioning, unable to make wine according to their own wishes. Instead, they do what is popular in the market, limiting winemakers' ability to operate independently and their reluctance to experiment with new ingredients. Second, in the current domestic market is not mature, enterprises generally do not like to be innovative and change the style of products. In the market-oriented business model of enterprises, change also means risks. Unlike abroad, between the brands afraid of the same style, there is no difference, so they retain their own style at the same time, do everything possible for the product to seek some breakthrough, the replacement of accessories to achieve their idea.

          Improper use in China, the relative lack of professional yantai wine accessories technical personnel, can not achieve one-to-one tracking service for enterprises, there are many management is not in place, improper use of accessories phenomenon. Because do not understand the characteristics of the product, cause some losses to the auxiliary products are not good, technology is not good and so on. Therefore, in the selection and use of auxiliary materials, or to communicate with the relevant technical personnel, understand the principle of the use of auxiliary materials, find the cause of the error, targeted to improve, and ultimately improve the quality of wine.

          Demand trend

          Professional service wine accessories unlike other products, it is small in quantity and thin in profit, in the current state of more open market, the price is more and more transparent, the mutual price between brands, also caused some market chaos, this phenomenon caused by the industry wide concern. And if the wine production enterprises blindly pursue price, ignore the difference in product quality, it will cause the quality of wine can not be really improved. Industry insiders said that auxiliary materials between the production enterprises to avoid price war, put more energy into providing more professional service for customers, so that the production enterprises find suitable for their own products, the correct use of wine auxiliary materials, so as to produce high-quality products.

          Product segmentation With the rise of domestic wineries, the production of high-end wine is also increasing, the market demand for high-quality wine is also growing, which requires careful and strict control and segmentation in the brewing process. Therefore, the use of wine accessories will be more diversified, and many new scientific research technologies will be applied to develop more different types and types of products.

          Reasonable use reasonable use is not only to choose the right yantai wine accessories products, more is to correctly grasp the use of time, the amount of use, which is the key factor of reasonable use of accessories. In addition, it should be clear about the positioning of the product, whether it is high-end wine or ordinary wine, whether it is aged or fresh, and whether it is necessary to choose some complex auxiliary products to increase unnecessary production costs.