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          Yantai trade international trade beer accessories

          Release time:2022-02-15 09:04    Views

          Yantai Tongshang International Trading Co. 's beer excipients help break down malt, the main ingredient for ethanol and carbon dioxide, and add other grains or sugar to make different styles of beer. Adding herbs and spices can also create different flavors of beer. It is said that when hops were used only as herbs, there were many recipes for their use. Some beers are brewed with fruits and vegetables to give them extra flavor.


          Herbs and spices

          Very challenging ingredients. They have little effect on the fermentation of beer, so you can basically go for it. Today, wheat beer made from cilantro, lager made from chilies and ginger, and Shitao beer made from coffee have gained widespread acceptance.

          Second, the sugar

          Some sugars are broken down by yeast and some are not. Lactose (an important ingredient in Sweetener beer) is a good example of a beer that can't be broken down. Beer brewed with brown sugar and molasses has a distinctive aroma.

          Three, food

          In addition to barley and wheat, there are many kinds of grain that can be used as auxiliary ingredients in brewing beer. Unsprouted barley, oats, and rye, as well as corn, rice, and potatoes, which lighten beer.

          Fruits and vegetables

          All over the brewing fruit beer, fruit beer in the recommendation fruit, citrus as raw materials in the majority. In addition, there are also a number of veggie beers emerging, including pumpkin brewed veggie beers, which are released every Halloween as a limited edition of seasonal beers.